Snapshots IV Updates

Below are updates for the Snapshots IV issue.

Print off each update, cut to correct size and insert in your copy of the Snapshots. Some may only have instructions to make a small change to the breed snapshot.

Click on a column heading to sort by date or group. Click a second time to sort the opposite direction.

Snapshots UpdatedGroupBreedStandard
Effective Date
12/04/2023SportingSussex Spaniel01/01/2024
11/02/2023SportingEnglish Cocker Spaniel11/01/2023
11/02/2023SportingEnglish Springer Spaniel11/01/2023
06/12/2023HerdingEntlebucher Mountain Dog06/13/2023
03/01/2023ToyCavalier King Charles Spaniel03/29/2023